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Helping Families Seek Favorable Outcomes with a Variety of Family Law Matters

At Ward Grover, we understand how emotionally charged and draining family law matters can be. Having an experienced attorney at your side throughout the entire legal process can help alleviate some of your stress and ensure that your interests are protected. Once you retain our firm, we can advocate for you and your family and keep you informed of the best possible legal options. While our firm handles the case legalities, you can focus on helping your family navigate this transition and move forward.

Our attorneys have 80 years of collective legal experience. Whether you need help navigating your divorce or understanding your parental rights, our firm is prepared to help you come to a resolution via negotiation or litigation, and we are equipped to help you and your family smoothly navigate the legal system and protect your family’s interests.

If you need help with a family law matter, contact our Bend family law attorneys today. Contact us online or via telephone (541) 312-5150.

Ward & Grover Family Law Services

We handle a wide variety of family law cases, including but not limited to:

  • Business evaluations for divorces
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Divorce/ Dissolutions
  • Domestic partnership-related issues
  • Establishment of custody
  • High assets and PERS retirement divorce cases
  • Protective orders
  • Legal separation
  • Paternity
  • Parenting time and child support
  • Modifications of spousal support

Top Ten Questions to Ask During Your Initial Consultation with a Family Law Attorney

During your initial consultation, the attorney will likely ask you a lot of questions to determine whether they can take on your case. You should also ask questions to ensure that they are the right attorney for you and your case. Here are the top critical questions to ask a family law attorney during your consultation.

  1. How long have you been a family law attorney?
  2. Do you have experience with cases similar to mine?
  3. How do you prefer to communicate with your clients?
  4. Do you think my case will go to court or can it be resolved alternatively?
  5. What strategy would you employ for my case?
  6. Who else from your team will be working on the case and can I meet them?
  7. How involved would you like me to be in the case?
  8. What laws are most applicable to my case?
  9. How much are your services and how will I be charged (i.e. flat rate, hourly, etc.)?
  10. Why should I retain your services?

Why You May Need a Bend Family Law Attorney

No one wishes or plans to have to hire a family law attorney. However, when a legal issue arises, hiring a qualified attorney is the right choice. A family law attorney can:

  • Offer you objective advice. During a divorce, custody proceeding, or family law case, you will likely experience a wide range of emotions. Even in the most amicable situations or if you initiated the proceedings, you can feel angry, sad, frustrated, or lost. Rather than make an emotional decision, your attorney can offer you fact-based, objective counsel.
  • Connect you with consultants and expert witnesses. In various family law proceedings, you may need help or testimony from witnesses, such as a forensic accountant, appraiser, or mental health expert. Many attorneys have connections as they have previously worked with these professionals.
  • Prepare you for court. During hearings, you should adhere to courtroom policies by dressing appropriately, addressing the judge properly, etc. Your attorney cannot only help you understand what to expect in court but may also be familiar with the opposing counsel and judge, which can be a great advantage.
  • Advise you of your legal options. Rather than litigate or go to court, you may consider divorce mediation or other alternative dispute resolutions. After reviewing your case, your attorney can advise you of your options and help you make an informed decision concerning what option is best for you.

Why Hire Us?

If you are involved in a family law matter, you need a skilled attorney who understands the laws and has experience handling similar legal matters. At Ward Grover, our Bend family law attorneys offer our clients comprehensive legal services and are dedicated to helping clients every step of the way. Why trust us with your case?

  • We offer clients personalized attention. Going through a family law matter can be anxiety-inducing, which is why we will be there for you throughout the entire process to answer your questions, address your concerns, respond promptly to your communication, and ensure you are informed.
  • We offer clients creative solutions. We understand that every case and client is unique, which is why we offer clients individualized legal solutions and strategies. We are not afraid to think outside of the box and come up with creative solutions to protect our clients’ interests and fight for their rights.
  • We have decades of experience. When it comes to selecting an attorney, experience matters. As we mentioned, we have decades of collective experience, and we stay abreast of the legal news to ensure we stay up-to-date on current legislation.
  • We are fierce advocates for our clients. We treat our clients like family. Once you retain our firm, we can work diligently to protect your interests inside and outside of the courtroom and provide you with services that address the severity of your issues.
  • We are respected as attorneys and as a firm. Our attorneys are respected by our peers and clients alike—don’t just take our word for it; look at what our past clients have had to say about our comprehensive legal services.

Reach out to our firm online or via phone at (541) 312-5150 to schedule your case consultation today!

Client Success Stories

Read How We Have Helped Others
  • She will fight for you

    “Shelby and her awesome team helped my Son out of a very scary situation. She was honest, responsive and helped keep us calm through the whole process. I would recommend her to anyone who finds ...”

    - C.B.
  • A truly compassionate lawyer

    Erick Ward was recommended to me by another attorney due to the nature and complexity of my case. I was very fortunate for the referral and from the very start, Erick was kind, professional, patient, understanding and non-judgemental. He really wanted a”

    - Former Client
  • I was so thankful and proud to show up with him in court.

    “I can't speak highly enough of Erick Ward's ability, communication, patience, and professionalism. I had a tenant complaint made against me that we both knew was a frivolous case and never should have ...”

    - K.R.
  • I wanted to thank you again for all of your help getting me through this.

    “You helped me come back from something that I thought was a hopeless situation.”

    - D.T.
  • Would highly recommend him 100%

    “Erick was on top of my case and worked extremely hard to actually help me. I’ve used him a couple of times and would highly recommend him 100%.”

    - T.B.

What Sets Us Apart?

Committed, Zealous & Compassionate Representation
  • Known in the Community as a Trusted Law Firm

  • We Provide Personal Attention to Every Client

  • We Handle Cases at Both State and Federal Levels

  • Our Team Consists of Criminal Defense Specialists

  • Our Firm Is Focused on Criminal Defense and Family Law

  • We Have over 80 Years of Combined Experience

Recent Case Results

Let Us Work Towards a Favorable Outcome
  • Assault and Harassment Case Dismissed
  • Assault II x2 (Measure 11); Assault III, Reckless Endangerment x3. Not Guilty Jury Verdict
  • Assault IV Not Guilty Jury Verdict
  • Att. Rape I, Sex Abuse I (Measure 11), Sex Abuse III, Assault IV x 2 Not Guilty Jury Verdict
  • Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants and Reckless Driving Not Guilty Jury Verdict
  • Menacing Not Guilty Jury Verdict
  • Menacing, Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Reckless Endangerment Not Guilty Jury Verdict
  • Private Indecency, Criminal Mistreatment I x2 (felony) Not Guilty Verdict
  • Reckless Driving Not Guilty Jury Verdict
  • Sex Abuse III x4 Not Guilty Jury Verdict

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