Case Results

  • Not Guilty
    Reckless driving, Reckless Endangering x2
    State v. C.M.
  • Case Dismissed
    Sex Abuse
    State v. T.G.
  • Dismissed Through Contested Hearing
    Restraining Order

    State v. K. , Representing respondent. (9/15/22)

  • Not Guilty Verdict
    Sex Abuse II (Juvenile Acquittal)

    State v. A. H. , Bench trial. (9/22/22)

  • Sex Offender Registration Relief
    Parole and Probation Hearing
    Shelby Thomas got her client off the sex offender registration on 10/11/22.
  • Full Jury Acquittal DUI
    DUI, Reckless Driving, Reckless Endangerment

    State v. M.S. (8/2023)