• He was there for me every step of the way and I felt a calmness that everything would be okay

    When you are initially arrested, it can be the scariest moment of your life. What's even worse is when you get released on bail and have an upcoming court case. I had no idea what to do. That is where Erick Ward came in. His calm demeanor and wealth of knowledge and resources have been invaluable. He was there for me every step of the way and I felt a calmness that everything would be okay when working with him. If you are facing legal troubles, I would recommend Mr. Ward to you without hesitation. He will be your biggest advocate and help you through one of the toughest moments of your life.

    - Cody Fortune

  • She will fight for you
    Shelby and her awesome team helped my Son out of a very scary situation. She was honest, responsive and helped keep us calm through the whole process. I would recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in trouble, feeling helpless and scared. She will fight for you and do her best to get you the best outcome for whatever troubles you may be facing.

    - C.B.

  • A truly compassionate lawyer
    Erick Ward was recommended to me by another attorney due to the nature and complexity of my case. I was very fortunate for the referral and from the very start, Erick was kind, professional, patient, understanding, and non-judgemental. He really wanted and fought for the best outcome for me. His negotiating expertise was put to a test in my case, I’m sure! He responded promptly and always had well-thought-out suggestions and solutions to my questions. I was at the lowest of lows when I first contacted Erick and he literally helped me survive a very difficult situation. I would recommend Erick Ward to anyone in need of an expert criminal attorney. I can never thank him enough for walking by my side the last several months.

    - Former Client

  • I was so thankful and proud to show up with him in court.
    I can't speak highly enough of Erick Ward's ability, communication, patience, and professionalism. I had a tenant complaint made against me that we both knew was a frivolous case and never should have been filed. It was dismissed, but only after Erick's ability to communicate in a professional manner the obvious reasons to the prosecutor. Keeping me under wraps was his biggest challenge; he handled it well!!! I was so thankful and proud to show up with him in court. Highly recommend.

    - K.R.

  • I wanted to thank you again for all of your help getting me through this.
    I wanted to thank you again for all of your help getting me through this. I really appreciate your non-judgmental and empathetic approach, clear effective communication, and thorough dedication.

    You helped me come back from something that I thought was a hopeless situation.

    - D.T.

  • Would highly recommend him 100%
    Erick was on top of my case and worked extremely hard to actually help me. I’ve used him a couple of times and would highly recommend him 100%.

    - T.B.

  • You’re a solid attorney and an even better person

    Oh, Erick! If I could give you a hug and a high five right now I would! This is such great news! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your hard work, compassion, and dedication to fighting for me has me forever grateful. You’re a solid attorney and an even better person for helping me and my family. THANK YOU, Erick.

    - S.W.

  • I cannot thank you enough for the help you've given me!

    Erick, wow I'm absolutely in disbelief, I cannot thank you enough for the help you've given me. I will definitely give you the very best review I can create!

    Thank you for putting in the time to really understand my side of the story, regardless of how relevant, whoever or whatever, I was talking about actually was to the case. Thank you for providing stability and sanity during one of the worst "roller coasters" I've ever been through. I think most of all though thank you for being a catalyst of good choices, self-discipline, and positive change in my life. I'm going to stay on the AA track and keep attending meetings, although I will admit I am excited to stop documenting all the meetings I've been going to!

    - J.O.

  • Delivered above and beyond my expectations.
    I was wrongfully accused of a horrible crime. Erick was not only incredibly decent throughout the whole situation, he was pragmatic, which served to give me hope in the face of something that seemed a bit hopeless. Ultimately, he delivered above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Erick and his firm.

    - Former Client

  • Mr. Grover is professional and gets right to the point.
    I am very pleased with Mr. Grover's kindness and professionalism. Mr. Grover did an outstanding job on my behalf with very short notice. Mr. Grover is professional and gets right to the point. I am impressed at how fair and reasonable he handled the dispute and how he resolved my situation so quickly.

    - Former Client

  • Highly recommend
    Shelby was my attorney last year for a criminal defense case. She was attentive; always getting back to my questions and concerns quicker than expected, extremely knowledgeable, professional, kind, and empathetic. She seems to have a very good working rapport with people and agencies within the judicial system, reiterating her respected level of skill, knowledge and professionalism. One year after hiring her for my case I was in need of her help with an issue in some classes I was taking related to it. She didn't hesitate to step in to meditate and resolve the problem when she certainly didn't have to. Although I hope to never need her services again, I would highly recommend her to anyone who does!

    - Former Client

  • Highly Recommended!

    I hired Mr. Ward for a very complicated matter which left me extremely frightened and emotionally distraught. What struck me most about Mr. Ward was his calm demeanor, compassion and empathy for my situation. He did not try to frighten or pressure me and he was very honest about all of the various options available to me. He took the necessary time to explain the difficult legal language until I felt comfortable and not just falsely confident. He was always professional and prompt. Mr. Ward absolutely shined in the courtroom with a very thorough and passionate closing argument.

    I highly recommend Erick Ward and would hire him again.

    - Lisa

  • Excellent Support
    Shelby provided excellent support, guidance, and help throughout navigating my DUI. She answered all my questions in a timely manner, professionally, and with empathy for my situation. I felt like Shelby was my therapist - providing validation for what was for me a very scary situation. I would highly recommend Shelby to anyone seeking an attorney!

    - Former Client

  • Professional and courteous
    Shelby has been representing me with some probation issues. Shelby makes it a priority to stay in great communication and gave me a sense of importance. She has always been helpful, professional and courteous. I would recommend her to anyone. My experience with her has been great. Shelby is a class act and she can hold her own! She belongs to a law firm that has a lot of respect in the community. It won’t be long and she will be one of the top attorneys around.

    - Former Client

  • I find that Shelby is both through and knowledgable taking time to fully understand the situation.
    Excellent professional manner in meeting and following up as she says she will. I find that Shelby puts in the time to such research as may be needed and always follow through as she said she would. Terrific communication skills so that at every turn I was informed and encouraged to ask any relevant question which came to mind. I could see that her interactions with the court and prosecuting attorney were mutually respectful and professional a matter highly reassuring as we appeared before the court. I feel fortunate to have this attorney represent me.

    - Peter

  • Communicated Success
    Shelby helped me when I was denied a probation extension so I could finish up my community service hours. We were up against the deadline and she acted immediately by contacting the DAs office and filing paperwork with the courts. Within days I was granted my extension. Shelby’s communication was superb and I will use her if the need arises in the future.

    - Nate

  • Great DUII Attorney!
    I was lucky enough to find Shelby Thomas to represent me. Her firm charges a flat fee rather than the customary incremental billing. I believe this saved me hundreds of dollars. Shelby is knowledgeable about Oregon law and has an easy going and personable nature. I was guided through the process clearly and had all my questions answered as we went. If you find yourself in this unfortunate position, I would highly recommend Shelby Thomas to help get you through it with compassion and dignity!

    - Former Client

  • Not guilty is right! Thank you!
    We are so thankful for your services throughout this challenging process. And needless to say, ecstatic with the results. Thanks again for having such a calm, knowledgeable, patient, caring, and reassuring demeanor throughout. There were so many opportunities for this situation to potentially go multiple different directions, it definitely helped to know you were at the tip of the spear.

    - Former Client

  • Honest and Compassionate
    Erick helped me get my seized property back. Although I thought I had no hope in retrieving what once was mine, Erick took the time to listen to my side, he gave his opinions and recommendations and together we agreed on a plan. I appreciated his honesty and integrity, not to mention he always kept me up to date on the proceedings. Thankfully everything worked out, I learned a lot about the legal system from Erick and am thankful he was in my corner.

    - Former Client

  • Erick's analytical mind and results-driven persona are traits, not just any lawyer, or man can obtain.
    Mr. Ward (Erick rather), has an uncanny ability in his diplomacy that he was able to cut a deal in my criminal case which I am extremely thrilled about. I truly believe that without him my situation would have been detrimental. To describe Erick with just a few words would be nearly impossible; there are so many positive personality and character traits that he demonstrated regularly throughout my interactions with him that this review does not do him enough justice. If I could describe him in 4 words I would say intelligent, honest, confident and understanding. Erick advised me of the two outcomes for my DUII and drug charges. He was honest with me and didn't try to make it look like my situation could end up like O.J.'s. We would have to fight through diplomacy or go to trial for the best outcome. He explicitly told me when the D.A. of my case was changed, it would work much better in my favor, and it did. The height of Erick's analytical mind and results-driven persona are traits, not just any lawyer, or man can obtain. Furthermore, he doesn't just understand "the books", he applies his expertise to the real world, more specifically, my world. Erick was quite clear in what I needed to do to help our case. He gave me direction and even offered me words of encouragement. His commanding presence and comforting tone is something that, as a woman, I deeply appreciate. Not for one moment did I ever feel judged. Having Methamphetamine charges along with a DUII smeared my good name. I was embarrassed, guilt-ridden and astray. He knew me enough to realize that I was not deserving of the ultimate punishment. He talked to me like a person and more importantly, he spoke of light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, after it was all said and done, he still calls and vice versa just to check in on things. I no longer wish to refer to him as "Erick the attorney", I will call him my friend.

    - Former Client

  • I honestly feel that Erick goes to bat for his clients only going for the best outcome and not settling for the first deal.
    I had a warrant for my arrest in Bend from an event that occurred nearly 12 years ago. I plead guilty to the charges 12 years ago but did not complete the community service or pay the fine that was part of my initial judgment, and moved out of state shortly after, resulting in a warrant. I contacted several attorneys in Bend and Erick was the only one to respond back to me (the same day I contacted him even). My situation made it difficult for me to take time off of work and pay for a trip back to Oregon. Erick took my case and made lemonade out of lemons. Erick was able to get 2 out of 3 charges dropped with no probation, community service or jail time. Even better, Erick was able to waive my court appearance in Bend. In the end, the sentencing was more lenient than the initial one and I didn't have to take time off of work or pay for travel expenses. I'm very grateful that Erick was the only attorney that called me back because I honestly feel that Erick goes to bat for his clients only going for the best outcome and not settling for the first deal.

    - Former Client

  • He always responded to our concerns. His advice was top notch. Truly
    Erick listened to our concerns. He developed a plan of action. He always responded to our concerns. His advice was top notch. Truly genuine individual. I would highly recommend him as an attorney.

    - David