Favorable Result Achieved in Manslaughter Case

In a tragic incident marked by the loss of lives, our firm, Ward Grover, represented a woman who, following a plea agreement negotiated by attorney Erick Ward, received a 25-year sentence. Despite the severity of the outcome, it is notable that we mitigated what could have resulted in a 30-year prison term. Our client was convicted on three counts of manslaughter and one count of driving under the influence of an intoxicant.

The case, characterized by its regrettable circumstances, attracted considerable community and media attention.

In its coverage of this case, The Madras Pioneer underscored the complexities involved. Despite initial impressions of indifference to human life, we argued that our client's actions were not entirely intentional. Furthermore, her blood alcohol concentration was below the legal limit, and her marijuana use was within levels permissible in other states. This perspective sheds light on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The Bulletin provided insights into the community's reaction, highlighting their collective grief and the case's uncertainties. Conflicting information regarding our client's alcohol consumption and driving behavior that night added layers of complexity, which we navigated with transparency and diligence.

News Channel 21 KTVZ delved into our client's remorse and willingness to confront the consequences of her actions. Erick Ward's statements emphasized accountability while providing context to the events leading up to the tragedy.

Central Oregon Daily News succinctly summarized the case, emphasizing the potential severity of our client's sentence and noting the reduction achieved through a negotiated plea.

Our Commitment

At Ward Grover, we understand the gravity of criminal charges and their impact on the lives involved. We are committed to an unwavering pursuit of justice, exploring every facet of a case and pursuing all avenues of defense to seek favorable outcomes.

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